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June 2022 Toronto Real Estate Board Market Watch

Monday Jul 25th, 2022

June 2022 Toronto Real Estate Board Market Watch

In response to the attempt of controlling the runaway inflation, The Bank of Canada has raised interest rates 1.5% between June 1st and July 13th of 2022. With rising interest rate and plunging property prices, has the Toronto Real Estate market hit the bottom yet? How much benefit are buyers getting if they wait a little bit longer? For young people who recently bought their first condo, or those who are getting ready to get into the real estate market, this is a time that may be quite... [read more]

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch Report May 2022: GTA Real Estate Market is now Officially Buyer’s Market

Tuesday Jun 21st, 2022

Is Toronto Real Estate Market Crashing?

  People are freaking out about the gloom and doom of the Toronto Real Estate Market crash. The increase in interest rate, the frequent uptick of interest rate, to which regions and areas have dropped the most in price. So let’s take a closer look at five parameters that measure market crashing to see what’s really going on. Let’s see the analysis from Toronto realtor Priscilla Han and answer some pertinent questions from the general public.   Average... [read more]

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch Report April 2022

Wednesday May 18th, 2022

April 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market Review

Priscilla Han, your real estate broker in the Greater Toronto Area, takes a look closely at the newly available Toronto Real Estate Board market watch report released in April 2022. With the new series of policies launched by the Canadian Central Bank to hammer the real estate markets and multiple interest rate hikes, will the Toronto real estate market crash? When we compare the April 2022 report to the March 2022 one, we study the 5 parameters, and compare them between year-to-year and... [read more]

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch Report March 2022

Monday Apr 18th, 2022

2022 March TREB Market Report

How did the Toronto real estate market react to the interest rate increase? Is it a buyers market now? Priscilla Han, Real Estate Broker in the Greater Toronto Area, will take a look at the newly available market watch report from the Toronto Real Estate Board for March 2022. The average sold prices dropped approximately 2.5% during March 2022, from $1.3 Million as compared to February 2022, at $1.33 Million. Compared with last year, March 2021, when there were close to 16,000 deals.... [read more]

Market Watch Report — Has Toronto Real Estate Price Dropped in the Post-COVID Period?

Monday Jul 12th, 2021


In June 2021, across the whole GTA for all property types, the average sold price arrived at $1.089M. This number is very similar to the previous two months. The price has arrived at a plateau since Feb, March peak. Although remained at a historical high level, the transaction volume also mild down from March this year. The overall market is calmer now, due to domestic demand has largely been released after a year’s lowest interest rate for the past decades, and the delayed arrival and... [read more]


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