How To Set An Offer Price In A Bidding — Buying A Home In Toronto

Monday Jul 19th, 2021


Recently, almost all property types are undergoing bidding wars, sometimes a property can receive 10 or even more offers. Today I am going to share with you some insights on bidding for a house. Firstly, if you want to know whether a property requires bidding or not, you can confirm this information with your realtor; or you can refer to the recent transaction price for similar properties in the same neighbourhood. Next, the sale price has nothing to do with the asking price. Instead,... [read more]

Market Watch Report — Has Toronto Real Estate Price Dropped in the Post-COVID Period?

Monday Jul 12th, 2021


In June 2021, across the whole GTA for all property types, the average sold price arrived at $1.089M. This number is very similar to the previous two months. The price has arrived at a plateau since Feb, March peak. Although remained at a historical high level, the transaction volume also mild down from March this year. The overall market is calmer now, due to domestic demand has largely been released after a year’s lowest interest rate for the past decades, and the delayed arrival and... [read more]

Mortgage in Toronto: How much Down Payment do you need? What is the mandatory insurance?

Monday Jun 21st, 2021


Mortgage in Toronto: How much Down Payment do you need? What is the mandatory insurance? I invited the Mortgage manager, Lianne, to share the up-to-date information with us. Many homebuyers are having trouble with the down payment. In some cases, the bank will not lend enough money to them. Securing your mortgage is definitely the #1 priority to start your home buying process. If you have any questions or want to purchase your home in GTA, please call/text Priscilla Han at... [read more]