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GTA Community Profile: All About Markville, Markham

Friday Feb 11th, 2022


Toronto is a great place to live, but when you think about the various neighborhoods Toronto has to offer, it is often easy to get confused by different kinds of communities. Some people like the idea of living in a city with plenty of restaurants and shops just steps away, while others prefer the idea of living in a quiet neighbourhood with lots of parks and green spaces. In this blog we introduce one of the top communities in Markham - Markville.

Markville: Location and accessibility

Markville's borders are 16th Avenue in the north, McCowan Road in the east, the large-scale shopping centre Markville Mall and Hwy 7 in the south and to the west, Monarch and Quantztown parks divide Markville from the historic neighbourhood of Unionville.

The neighbourhood is served by the York Region Transit and Viva buses - both Viva Purple and Viva Green pass through Markville. The Centennial GO Station is located on the north side of the Markham Centennial Community Centre, making it convenient to access to downtown Toronto, as well as other cities connected via GO Train.


Markville Community and Amenities

Markville has some great parks and access to nearby trails around the neighbourhood. 

Markville neighbours Unionville, a historic neighbourhood in Canada, sharing its charming, historical and cultural heritage. The creek flowing from the Toogood Pond passes through the Markville community and forms Waldon Pond, a wetland park with gurgling streams and tranquil scenery. There are three major parks in Markville: Lincoln Park, Central Park and Centennial Park, all with beautiful scenery, which are good places for residents to take evening strolls, weekend plans and holiday gatherings.

Despite its relatively small size, Markville has everything that is needed to make it one of the best neighbourhoods to live in the Greater Toronto Area. The community is established relatively recent, and the houses are mostly 16-30 years old.

Markville has a modern and large-scale shopping center and community center. To the south is the Markville Shopping Center, a shopping center on Hwy7. There are nearly 200 businesses in the mall, ranging from restaurants, shopping, groceries, and salons, including larger retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and The Bay. The large Chinese supermarket Foody Mart is just across Highway 7 from Markville Shopping Center, which makes this neighbourhood a convenience one-stop shop for Asian groceries.

Markville's Centennial Community Centre is located on the edge of Centennial Park, southeast part of Markville. The community centre is known for its 1,800-seat hockey rink, one of the largest community hockey rinks in Toronto. The community centre also has a fitness centre, a pool, an ice rink, bocce courts, gymnasium, and a conference center.  Next to the community centre is Markham Centennial Park, a large well-kept park with a children's playground, a skatepark and a sports field. 

CF Markville shopping centre

Top public schools in Ontario are in Markville, Markham

Many families with children think about the quality of the school district as the one of the primary criteria to determine where to purchase. The elementary and secondary schools in the Markville community have garnered great reputation in recent years and are currently the most sought-after school districts in the Greater Toronto Area.

The elementary school in Markville is Central Park Public School, which offers programs from kindergarten to the eighth grade. The elementary school is located right by Central Park in the heart of Markville.  According to the latest Fraser Institute rankings, this elementary school ranks in the top 4% of over 3,000 elementary schools in Ontario. The proportion of ESL (English as Second Language) students in the school is 39.7%. The school provides school buses for students who live south of the light rail line to and from school. The average annual income for parents of students is $94,000.

Other nearby schools in Markville also offer "Gifted Programs" include Roy H Crosby Elementary School at the southeast corner of Hwy7 and McCowan, and William Berczy Elementary School in Unionville. These two elementary schools rank in the top 3% and 1% in Ontario, respectively, and both are within 10-minute of drive from Markville.

Markville's high school catchment is Markville Secondary School, ranking 2nd among more than 700 high schools in Ontario, and has a score of 9.4 according to the Fraser Institute. The facilities of the Markville Secondary are very good, and the school provides AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Many of its students have been admitted to top universities in the United States. The school's ESL student ratio is 14.2%. The school organizes students to study abroad every year, and it can be quite competitive to find an opening in the school.

With the top school catchment, along with the ideal location in Markham, Markville is truly considered as one of the top neighbourhoods if you consider purchasing for your children's academic future.

Demographics and Household Income

In Markville, Chinese residents make up the largest ethnic groups, accounting for 35% of all population. There are also residents of Indian, Greek, British, Italian, and other ethnic descent.  Residents in this area are mainly consists of family households, with an evenly distributed age range. The average household income is about $80,000 - $100,000.

According to official figures, Markville has an A+ crime rate, which signals being an extremely safe community. The crime rate is 34 per cent lower than the Canadian average, and the neighbourhood is safer than more than half of Ontario's cities.

Markville real estate market

According to the last 4 month’s data from the Toronto Real Estate Board, the average transaction price of a single-family home in Markville is around $1.84 million - slightly higher than that of the Berczy community to the north, where the average price of a single-family home is $1.80 million, but much lower than the average house price is $2.09 million in Unionville. (Based on 2021 September to December Market Data)

Given the community amenities, convenient location, and school catchment, it is easy to see the similarity between Markville and its neighbouring, high-profile communities like Unionville.

The benefits of purchasing real estate in Markville is that the house prices in Markville are more affordable than the other popular neighborhoods in Markham, with strong appreciation potentials.

Do you like Markville? If there are any interesting places and events in this community, please contact us.

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