Community Profile - Rouge Woods

GTA Community Profile - Rouge Woods of Richmond Hill

Tuesday Mar 08th, 2022


Richmond Hill in York region has always been a popular home buying area for Chinese people within the Greater Toronto Area.  Within the city of Richmond Hill, the Rouge Woods neighbourhood has long been recognized as a five-star community, not only with convenient transportation and beautiful natural environment, but also equipped with amenities, and also has many top elementary and secondary schools.

Now, let's take a closer look at this five-star community, the Rouge Woods.


Rouge Woods Location and Transportation

The Rough Woods community is located in the middle of Richmond Hill, bounded by Elgin Mills Rd E in the north, Major Mackenzie Rd in the south, Bayview Ave in the west, and Leslie St in the east, covering a total area of ​​about 4 square kilometers.

The location of this community is very convenient, whether driving or public transportation. If you drive, it only takes about 10 minutes to get to the 404 highway entrance. Via the 404 freeway, residents can quickly go directly to downtown Toronto.


Rouge woods neighbourhood map


Commuters can take the YRT bus on Bayview Street to the Finch subway station, or the YRT on Elgin Mills Street to the Don Mills subway station. In addition, there is a Go Train Richmond Hill Station 10 minutes' drive west of the community, and it takes only 50 minutes to reach the Union Station in downtown Toronto. In the future, the terminus of the No. 1 subway line will be extended to the south side of Richmond Hill, and residents in the Rouge Woods community will be even more convenient.


Rouge Woods Environment    

The Rouge River winds through the Rouge Woods community,  which also gave this neighbourhood its name. The popular hiking trail along the Rough River, the Rouge River Headwaters Trail, is an easy, 30-minute hike. Many residents like to take a walk there, and enjoy scenes of swans swimming along the stream. In addition, there are 10 public open parks such as Willow Grove, Redstone, and Headwaters Community Park in the community for residents to relax.


Rouge Rivers

In addition to the five-star natural environment, as a mature community with a history of nearly 20 years, Rouge Woods has complete urban living facilities. In addition to the common grocers and supermarkets, there are many Chinese supermarkets such as T&T and Bayview Food Mart. Many different ethnic cuisines and restaurants can be found in this neighbourhood. The main shopping area nearby are Richmond Hill Smart Centres and Leslie Centre.

Rouge Woods has a wealth of community activities and facilities. Located at the heart of the community, the Rouge Woods Community Centre offers an indoor gym, multiple community rooms, and a variety of community classes for residents to learn and play. There are also large outdoor sports fields behind the community center, including a football field, four tennis courts and a basketball court.

In addition, north of Elgin Mills is the largest park in Richmond Hill, the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park. In addition to having large green spaces and sports fields, Boynton House, an art exhibition hall situated in an heritage house built in 1875. Parents living in surrounding communities no longer have to worry about where to take their kids for the weekend.


Rouge woods Community


Rouge Woods Community School District Catchment

Rouge Woods is the gold standard in terms of school catchment.

There are four public elementary schools in the community: Redstone Public School, Silver Stream Public School, Richmond Rose Public School and Michelle Jean Public School. The most famous Silver Stream Public School ranks No. 30 in the Fraser Institute rankings, with a score of 9.5. The proportion of ESL students in the school is about 23%. The school provides the Gifted Program, which provides intensive courses for students in grades 4-8, and students can directly enter Bayview Secondary School after graduation.


Rouge Woods Silver stream public school


There are two public secondary schools: Bayview Secondary School and Richmond Green High School, both good schools. Bayview Secondary School is firmly in the top ten of the Fraser Institute rankings with a score of 9.0. The proportion of ESL students in the school is about 38%, and there is an IB (International Baccalaureate) high school program, and graduates of the IB programs typically go into famous universities around the world. Although Richmond Green High School is a relatively new high school, it ranks 180 out of 739 high schools in Ontario, which is also among the top in the region.

There is no doubt that the advantage of buying a house in the school catchment is that when you are living in the neighbourhood, your children are receiving top-notch education. 

For Rouge Woods, although both secondary schools are good, there is still a significant difference in house prices between the two school catchment area. With the Rouge River as the boundary, the southwest part of the community belong to the Bayview Secondary School school district, while the northeast school children belong to the Richmond Green High School school district. Because Bayview Secondary School has better ratings and rankings, house prices in the southwest corner of the community are higher.


Rouge Woods Demographics 

The total population of the community is about 39,000, of which 60% are of Chinese descent, and about one-third of the Chinese were born in mainland China. Half of the remaining residents are local Canadians, and half are South Asians, Middle Easterners and other ethnic groups. Although there are many Chinese, English is the most commonly used language, followed by Mandarin and Cantonese.

Half of the residents of the community are young and middle-aged, 85% of residents are married, and 67% of families have children. About 60% of residents in the entire community have a college or higher education, and the average household income is $128,537, which is much higher than the median annual income of Ontario households of $91,540 in 2019.

Rouge Woods community is dominated by married families, with many highly educated and high-income groups. The community is rated A+ for safety, with a crime rate that is 23% lower than the average for all Ontario communities and 44% lower than the national average.

Overall, Rouge Woods is a family-friendly, safe, prosperous and high-quality community.


Rouge Woods Real Estate Market

The main property type in Rouge Woods is the single detached house. In the early 1990s, developers began to build the Rouge Woods community, building many brick-style house with single-car and double-car garages. In recent years, the new development are mainly concentrated in the north side of the community, with many of the new built being townhouses and semi-detached houses.

In February 2022, the average price of a single-family home in Rouge Woods is 2,011,486, according to the latest figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board. That is nearly $1.1 million less than its neighbor, Bayview Hill, south of Rouge Woods. But the two belong to the same school district, so for many families who value their children's education, Rouge Woods is actually a fairly affordable option.


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